Privacy Policy for Morse Code

Automatically collected data

The Morse Code application itself does not collect any personal data. However, it uses a third-party library called Microsoft AppCenter.Crashes that is used for the crash reporting. In case that the app crashes or an error occurs, an error report is sent through the Internet using this library. The report contains only non-personal information necessary to fix the error:

The data in the crash reports will be used solely for purpose of fixing errors. As you can see, no personal data and no sensitive data are transmitted (specifically, the crash reports never contain texts that you are translating in the app, nor other texts entered by you). The crash reports are deleted automatically after 28 days. No other data besides the crash reports are collected.

In case any questions, please contact me on e-mail


The application can use several permissions. Here is the list of the permissions and with the description how are they used:

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